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Team Leaders:  

Pastors Derek and Marren Pluchinski


Leadership Team

Don and Norma Giovanetto

Don and Norma have been a part of the Yellowknife Vineyard since its beginning.  The church was birthed in a weekly prayer gathering in their home in 1996/1997, and they have been actively involved ever since.  They have four kids, one dog, and a lot of love and passion for the body of Christ.

Karen Rawson

Joel and Karianne Pohl

Joel and Karianne arrived separately to Yellowknife in 2007. They met at Yellowknife Vineyard and married in 2011. They have been serving in different areas of the church since they started attending and have been a part of the church leadership since 2013.


Tina Crowe
Communications/Media and Children's Ministry

Tina and her family (then husband Gordon, and daughter Shauna) arrived from Oshawa, Ontario in Yellowknife in 2005. She and her growing family (Yellowknife born Jessica and Charlise) began attending the Yellowknife Vineyard in 2006. She and her family have served in many areas, and she has been our Communications Director and Children’s Ministry Director since 2011.  Tina brings with her many years experience guiding children as mother and a Child and Youth worker.  She has a strong passion for children, and a passion for God and leading children to God, and loves our Kingdom Kids as her own.
  Leona Callahan

Neil and Laura Cooper
  Nadine Ellsworth
Women's Ministry
  Neil Cooper
Nadine Ellsworth

Worship Team Co-Ordinators