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We Love God! We Love People! This all comes in accordance with our greatest commandment to love God with everything that we are (heart, soul, mind and strength) and to love our neighbour as our ourself. (Mark 12:30)

We endeavor to do this by practicing 4 things:

1. Authentic Worship

2. Authentic Discipleship 

3. Authentic Community

4. Authentic Compassion

We endeavor to 
Love God through:

1. Authentic Worship

- We are people seeking a relationship with God

- We are hungry for God’s supernatural power/healing

- We welcome the gifts of the Holy Spirit

- We praise God through vibrant, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led music worship

- We desire Bible-based, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, relevant teaching and preaching

2. Authentic Discipleship 

- We emphasize our strong children’s ministry

- We encourage adult Bible study, fellowship and accountability

- We have an emphasis on corporate prayer and fasting, and encouraging individual prayer

- We have programs responsive to the needs of the congregation

- We have an “open-hand” perspective towards our transitional community (invest in and love people while they are with us; freely release people when they go)

We endeavor to Love People through:

3. Authentic Community

- We are a welcoming, embracing, friendly church

- We are a diverse group of individuals

- Our congregation acts like a family (we connect, care about and support each other)

- We are located in downtown Yellowknife, serving in both the immediate community and beyond.

- We have a highly transitional population but our congregation is  very faithful, engaged and servant-based

4. Authentic Compassion

- We participate in outreach locally, territorially and internationally

- We are supportive of the global community

- Our church is a place of refuge and restoration

- We provide care and healing for hurting Christians and non-Christians